May 10, 2011

So I realized why there aren't more blogs by people who leave grad school

So I made a promise about a month ago that I'm finally following through on. Don't worry, my job is going quite well and that's why I've been absent from the blogging scene.

by flickr user Xelcise
Let me elaborate a little on my title. Once I finally left grad school and started my new job, all the fire went out of me. That desire to preach to young graduate students about the perils of their upcoming academic journey and to find reassurance from other Chemistry MS-holders that the road before me would be ok, just didn't seem to matter any more. I think that's why I couldn't find other blogs written by chemistry students who quit grad school with a Masters; once you get out of the grad school bubble you forget about the drama and angst and you just move on.

If you're struggling with the decision, take heart! It does get easier. There's definitely some fear when you're looking for a job or whatever your next move is, but once you start that next journey you forget about the old stuff that used to stress you out. The best thing that's happened for me is that I'm just happier. I don't worry about work, I don't bring any of it home with me. I work hard during the day, I feel like I'm making progress, and I go home to relax and live a little. All in all I know I made the right decision for myself.

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